[Practice Makes Perfect]



This floral arrangement may have been practice for the one I’ll be bringing to my boyfriend’s mom, who I will be meeting this weekend along with his dad, sister, and one of 3 brothers I haven’t met yet.

It might be a little weird, but I’m excited-nervous and practicing and planning helps calm me down. Plus now I get my own kickass flowers to bring to work and brighten up my windowless office. Really, it’s a win-win.


– S


[300] o_o


I’m feeling particularly accomplished today; I’m finally into the 300s for my 365 project and the end is nearly in sight. I got a sort of promotion when it comes to my work load at work, which is exciting…I’m going to get to do more design stuff. And I received a really sweet compliment from one of the higher up site managers about how all the people on her team appreciate and enjoy working with me. *blush*

I also think a switch flipped on in my brain today. My friend sent me a link to this article about the differences between dating a girl vs a woman which obviously led me to read the opposite article about the differences between dating a boy vs a man. Obviously I’m a woman vs a girl, but it seems that I’ve been dating a lot of boys, and I’m kind of over it. Read the article and you’ll totally understand.

Another great thing that happened today…my mom and dad sent me a kitchen island as an apartment warming gift! I may have provided them with an extensive list of things, and nudged them toward this island, but they did buy it for me. Even from 3,000 miles away they both still find a way to make me feel beyond loved and cared for. They’re kind of the best.


– Stephanie


[263] I’ve Got Mail, and It’s the Wickedest and the Sweetest


I think I’ve said this on more than one occasion, but I am literally the happiest person ever right now. My uncle texted me while I was at my letterpress class to alert me to the fact that I had mail waiting for me when I got home. I knew that I was due a shipment of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter swivel sticks, which I have not been able to find ANYWHERE in Washington, but I was so not prepared for the other wonderful surprise waiting for me.

My family ceases to amaze me; they sent me a book full of pictures of our annual trip to pick apples and pumpkins, but since I couldn’t physically be there, my family toted around a picture of me, from high school, I might add, and posed me all over the place.  I’m sure my mother was mostly behind it, but my dad and my sister posed, and that in itself was a huge feat. The second I read the cover “Flat Stephanie Goes to the Farm” I started to sob and laugh at the same time. My mascara started running into my eyes and that just made me cry more. Seriously happy tears though, my family is the best. Seriously. I love them. Like, a lot.

– Stephanie

P.S. You can see the actual book here if you want to. I’m just glad my mom chose one of my better school pictures to use.


[221] Down Up Down


You know when your mood just feels off, and all you want to do is reset and start fresh? I was able to reset, and it came in the form of an hour long phone chat with my mom. I get these waves of homesickness that seem to come out of nowhere. It’s not a traditional homesickness, because I feel like Seattle is my home now, but I miss the people that made Syracuse my home.

My mom always knows what to say to calm me down and remind me how important this chapter in my life is, plus she’s really good at sending me snail mail and packages. My dad knows exactly when to send me an email that makes me tear up with just a few words. I’m sure Jacob would know when I need a cuddle sesh if he wasn’t a dog. And my sister sends me Snapchats that make me snort while I’m laughing.  I’ve got some pretty kickass people in my life.


– Stephanie


[168] Deserted


Work was a ghost town today. I swear I saw a tumbleweed rolling down the hall. Since I’m using most of my vacation time in August when I go to the Outer Banks, NC with my family, I didn’t want, or need, to take the day off.

It reminds me of when I was younger, my mom would make me go into work with her even if we had a snow day (she works at the school I went to starting in 4th grade.) Most of the lights in the halls would be turned off, and it had this very eerie feeling since hardly anyone else was there. I’d roll around the halls on an office chair and entertain myself for hours. Lunch usually consisted of something we could heat up in the microwave, like cups of ramen, and then I’d color and keep myself occupied. If I was lucky and could get the antenna to pick up a signal, I’d watch cartoons on a tiny portable TV. I also vaguely remember playing around with a typewriter that my mom actually used for work (it was the mid 90’s but that still seems so outdated to me.) When it was time to go home, we’d bundle up and get into the car as quickly as possible. It had probably been snowing the whole day while we were inside, so my mom would clear off the snow and ice while I got to sit inside the car.

Snow days at my dad’s work were similar except that he works at a college in an area where there is a lot of big, old machinery used for making paper. It was even more desolate than my school on a snow day, and ten times more eerie. Even if the machines weren’t in use they’d make noises, catching me off-guard as I walked around by myself. In order to get to the bathroom, which was in the basement of the building, I had to walk past this big rectangular hole under one of the machines a floor above. I would always picture a massive anaconda slithering around in the hole, and then I’d speed up and get the hell away from it so the imaginary serpent couldn’t eat me. To keep busy I’d color; my dad was more strict with the TV privileges, plus it was ancient…probably one of the first color TVs ever made. There was this stash of pretty colored paper from machine runs past, and I knew where it was, but it was locked up so I’d have to ask my dad to let me in, and even then I wasn’t allowed to go wild. He would say something along the lines of, “You can take one of each color, or a few of a couple of colors, but you’re not the only one who gets to use the paper so we have to leave some for everyone else.” Yeah, ok. I think some of that paper is still stowed away, and I’m pretty sure it could survive the apocalypse.

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane!

– Stephanie