[Lavender Learning]


May was a busy month between getting back from vacation, band shows, birthdays, and work, so I was happy to get some quality time with my man Memorial Day weekend. He planned us this little road trip up to Sequim, WA to visit with his aunt and uncle, and see their lavender farm. Lavender is a huge deal in Sequim, they’re kind of known for it, but I’ll get to that a little later on.

We got up pretty early, and headed to the ferry. Miraculously, we were the last car on, and didn’t have to wait at all. The ride was fast apparently, I’d never been on this ferry before, I don’t think, and shortly after we exited the ferry terminal, we passed a gas station with weird, creepy trolls. A ways down the road, Peter had this mischevious grin on his face and said there was something he’d been wanting to take a picture in front of for awhile now. As soon as we got to it, I didn’t need him to tell me what it was.


Still a kid a heart…when it’s appropriate, of course. Which leads me to the next part of our journey, the Olympic Game Farm, where you feed the animals. This is basically a petting zoo on crack, except you can’t really pet the animals, unless you dare. We bought wheat bread, which is the food of choice, although some of the animals didn’t seem that fond of it, and started the driving tour. It was slow going at first until we got to the elk and buffalo areas. Those guys love wheat bread.




Aren’t they cute little nuggets? Well, maybe not little, and they did slobber all over Peter’s truck, so maybe they’re just nuggets.


From the game farm we headed not too far to Peter’s aunt and uncle’s house and farm. Some of the lavender had just begun blooming so the field had a hazy purple coloring to it. With the addition of the rain, it was actually kind of magical. We visited for a little while, and then headed out into the field to see some lavender up close and personal.


We left and grabbed a late lunch on our way out of town. When we got back to Seattle we took a nap with Doug, and simply enjoyed the rest of the day.


– S


[355] A Tiny, Miniature Roadtrip


The boy took me to meet one of his friends who lives in Everett. Doug came along for the ride because there were some pitbull waiting to play with him. (I know that sounds dirty, but it’s exactly what they did…play.) We just chilled for awhile and then went and grabbed a couple of drinks! Not a terrible way to spend a Wednesday night.


– Stephanie


[347] Eves


The night before any big event, in most cases, tends to be a letdown, so New Year’s Eve has never really been a very big blip on my radar. Plus the resolutions that most people make are bullshit, and they annoy me. So, when my new man friend asked if I had plans and/or wanted to make some with him I said ok solely because I like spending time with him. We ended up stopping by Amber’s house for a little bit, then went to a dive bar to see one of his friends who happened to be working, and when we decided we didn’t want to be there until midnight, we left and went back to his house to watch the fireworks shoot off of the Space Needle on TV.

My night ended with a kiss at midnight that made me rethink the whole New Year’s Eve thing.


– Stephanie