[365] Mission Accomplished


Guys…I did it! I took a picture every single day for an entire year and shared it with you. I’m still a little surprised it wasn’t harder for me to find the will to complete this project. I’m like a proud mama, but of myself…if that makes sense.

To celebrate the last day of this particular project, I went to a show at High Dive in Fremont. My boyfriend’s band was playing so that helped me get my ass out the door, but I had a lot of fun and met some new people, one of them originally from New York, so that was cool. I even got invited to the next girl’s night, which is cool too.

To commemorate this momentous occasion I’ve compiled a list of things I did, or happened this past year, in no particular order:

  1. Moved across the country.
  2. Spontaneously went to Hawaii.
  3. Got my first big girl job…at Microsoft!
  4. Dated for the first time ever.
  5. Walked to the grocery store…twice.
  6. Spent my birthday away from my mom, dad, and sister for the first time in my entire life.
  7. Watched my sister graduate high school.
  8. Went to my first “professional” baseball game.
  9. Started drinking red wine.
  10. Made gnocchi for the first time. (They were perfect.)
  11. Met people, and made some new friends.
  12. Got a Washington state drivers license.
  13. My pants ripped up the ass in public and I had to buy new ones.
  14. Let my blood thin out and think that 40 degrees is cold.
  15. Inherited an unexpected hatred for 49ers fans, bicyclists and pedestrians.
  16. Willingly participated in a Segway tour of Seattle with my family when they visited in July.
  17. Tried running…I hated it and that’s never gonna happen again.
  18. Took an 8 week letterpress class and produced some lovely work.
  19. Received some New York apples from my family because I missed our yearly mecca to Beak and Skiff.
  20. I read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.
  21. Went to Discovery Park.
  22. Found an apartment I loved and moved to lower Queen Anne in Seattle.
  23. Became a Seahawks fan.
  24. Remained a Giants, Bills, and Syracuse Orange fan.
  25. Furnished most of my with stuff from Ikea.
  26. Sold my soul to Pottery Barn for the perfect bed.
  27. Went home to Syracuse for Christmas.
  28. Attended a Syracuse men’s basketball game.
  29. Got myself a boyfriend.
  30. Called Seattle home.

I feel extremely fortunate to have an amazing support system that not only, well, supported me on this adventure, but gave me the confidence and accolades I needed to enjoy this chapter in my life. I love you all, and I promise to keep this blog going, although, I may take a small hiatus to recuperate and let myself miss the blog so I can continue to love doing it.


– Stephanie


[314] Thanksgivingfulness


Today everyone and their mother posted on Facebook about being thankful. I however did not partake in this. I think it’s a little selfish and kind of fake to make such a public display of thankfulness on such a cliched day. I’m not judging anyone who does it, I just feel like I should, and do, tell all the people I’m thankful for how fortunate I am to have them in my life on a regular basis.

Being away from my family has made me appreciate the time and interactions I do have with them. I feel more compelled to tell them, and the other amazing people I have in my life, how much I love and care for them. Christmas is right around the corner, and I get to go home for a whole week. I almost don’t care about presents and all that superficial bullshit; this year getting to see and spend some quality time with my family is what actually matters.

I’ll be home in almost three weeks and at this point and I couldn’t give two-shits about anything else.


– Stephanie


[245] Bi-Coastal Traditions


Y’all know I gush about my family all the time, but my mom really sent me off the deep end with the latest package she sent.

Let me give you a little bit of backstory. In New York, I would consider Fall the prettiest time of the year. Every single tree within sight change from green to brilliant reds and yellows and oranges. It constantly takes my breath away, until the rain switches to snow, knocks all the leaves off the trees, and I never want to go outside for the next 5 months. ANYWAYS, my family makes a traditional trip out to LaFayette to pick apples and pumpkins. Beak and Skiff is the primo of all apple orchards, anywhere, hands down. Not only do they have a bazillion different kinds of apples, that we bring home in multiple bags that each weigh at least 20lbs, there are also apple fritters, apple cider, apple vodka, apple gin, and apple wine. NOT TO MENTION the insane country store that has anything and everything apple. It’s heaven on earth for an Appleby, seriously.

The pumpkin picking portion (a beautiful alliteration if I do say so myself) of the day has become less important as the years have passed and Sammy and I haven’t really cared about carving them. There are goats at Tim’s Pumpkin Patch, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So there’s the set up. This has been a year of change for me, especially missing out on traditions like this one, and my mom understands more than anybody. Of course my sister and my dad care, but my mom has this weird ESP when I’m feeling a little homesick, which subsequently happens when I’m PMSing. Yesterday I got home and there were 2 packages waiting for me, one was a really cute sweater with leather sleeves, and the other was a box from my mom, or EWA as the return address said. I was prepping so I could make dinner for an awesome guy, but I had this undeniable urge to open the box, so I did, and almost instantly started crying.

The first thing that set me off was a card my mom wrote:


Tears everywhere. Next up were the individually bubble wrapped apples. As I opened up each of the four apples (which I’m assuming represent me,my mom, dad and sister) , the tears kept flowing. I composed myself long enough to discover the last little gem in the box, a Beak and Skiff coaster. I died in the best way possible.

– Stephanie


[072] A Blue and White Plaid Easter


First of all, remember last week when I tried to make pound cake and failed epically? Well yesterday I was successful! Take that, baking.

In my family Easter isn’t really an important holiday. We aren’t usually all together like we are at Christmas, but this year it’s a little different. My Babcia (bob-cha) and Dziadzia (ja-ja), or grandparents, are moving out of the house they’ve been living in for over 40 years. This move required some pitching in from all their children, my mother, her 3 brothers, and their families, and it’s happening this coming week. Everyone is flocking to Buffalo, NY, except for me.

With my new job, and the amount a plane ticket costs, I couldn’t make the trip. All my cousins, second cousins, aunts and uncles, mother, father, sister, and dog are going to be there. At first it made me pretty sad that I’d be missing out, especially since this week I was bombarded with “missing my family” emotions. But then I remembered that I would be seeing most of them in June when I head home to Syracuse for my sister’s high school graduation. Plus the weather in Seattle is SO much nicer than it will be in Buffalo. Plus I have my aunt and little cousin to spend the day with. I even got my very own Easter basket! I think it’s time for me to start letting go of the notion that all the holidays are going to be the same with me living on the West Coast. They aren’t, but that’s totally ok. It just means that I need to mentally adjust, and enjoy everything and everyone that I have over here. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to let go of spending Christmas with my family, but I can totally afford at least one, long trip home each year.