[Spring Always Brings New Things]


You know how I met Mr. Sullivan’s family last weekend? Well, the reason it’s taken me almost a full week to update you isn’t because it didn’t go well; work has been a little nuts this week with some unexpected surprises. But back to The Sullivans.

For starters, I’m practically a midget compared to all of them. Peter’s mom is the shortest at 5’10”, so, yeah. I think I have a big enough personality to make up in the height department, though. Obviously I was a little nervous, I mean, it’s not everyday that you meet your boyfriend’s family, and there are a lot of them: 4 brothers and a sister, plus his parents. I’ve got all the names down and general descriptions of what they do, so I think I’m in a pretty good spot.

Anyway, dinner was lovely and I had so much fun getting to know his family. Their dynamic is kind of amazing, and it’s not something that you run into often. I was definitely reminded of the way that I am with my family, and somehow that made me feel more comfortable and actually less like I wasn’t in on an inside joke. When it was time to go I didn’t really want to leave. I’m excited to get to know them all better, and let them see who I am.

Work, however, was not as easy this week. Without getting into too many details, I’ve been splitting my time between two totally different projects. Project A has been a consistent thing since October, but it’s not really what I had in mind for my future work aspirations. Project B is an up and coming thing that revved up only a month or two ago, but it’s something I would love to do more with. Sorta vague, I know. Sorry. But the good news is that my wish came true, albeit rather abruptly, and I’ll no longer be working on Project A, as of today, at all!

Also, I took an Intro to Yoga workshop last Saturday which inspired me to give yoga the good ‘ol college try. So, I’m taking my very first, actual, hot yoga class tomorrow morning. It helps that someone from work is doing it too; forces me to be a touch more accountable. (I’m currently pounding a Nalgene bottle of water so I don’t die.)

And on that note, I’m off to bed. Here’s a little something I found and felt like sharing: It’s a song, listen to it.


– S


ALSO, my trip to Dubai is in 3 weeks O_O ohmygod am I excited.


[108] Alarms Be Gone


Today should have been a continuation of the weekend, but it was Monday. Work’s busy which at least makes the day go by quickly. I forced myself to go to the gym even though it was another gorgeous day outside. I love the sun and it should never go away.


– Stephanie


[106] Overdose…The Good Kind


THE SUN MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Maybe a little too happy because I think I may have overdosed today. I think everyone who doesn’t see the sun for months has this issue. They see the sun, and they want to inhale and soak it all up. The problem is, their skin hasn’t seen the sun in months either, and they get all kinds of burned. I was lucky enough to go to the Florida Keys in December, and Hawaii in February, so my skin has a very slight base tan which means I did not burn. I can’t say the same for the translucently white girl “tanning” next to me. She went from white to red in the hour and a half I was down at the park. I left when I got a surprise call from my uncle asking if I wanted to go to lunch with him and my little cousin. I had 10 minutes to get back from the park and change out of my bathing suit. I managed to do all that, and we were off to Ivar’s in Mukilteo. We sat outside to enjoy more sun, and delicious foods. The drive back was just as nice, and now I feel ready for a nap, although since it’s 5:45 I probably won’t actually take one.

Here’s to hoping your Saturday was as lovely as mine!


– Stephanie


[095] All Smiles


Day two of the sun shining, and I feel like this smile is stuck to my face. Even though I have to spend most of the day indoors, I had to walk outside to get to a bunch of meetings so I took the long way just to soak up as much sun as I could. I also skipped the gym and took a walk down to the lake. Some days I just can’t bring myself to move my legs on a machine in a dark basement. Just couldn’t do it today.


– Stephanie


[087] Monday Funday


For a Monday, today was actually pretty good. The day went by quickly, but I got a lot of work done. The sun was, and is still out so I skipped the gym and opted for a walk outside. I’m getting ready to make some lasagna and then, after seeing the preview for Catching Fire, I’m going to continue reading that book, and maybe catch up on a couple episodes of Bones since I’m almost a month and a half behind. Thanks for not being too shabby, Monday.


– Stephanie


[082] Anticipation


There’s this house that I pass every day on my way to and from work. I noticed it a couple weeks ago as the owner’s garden started to bloom. There’s one plant I’m particularly excited to see every day, and it’s the one that’s climbed up the telephone pole and has now started to creep across the wires that hang over the road. I love noticing how much it’s moved, and expanded. This plant kind of reminds me of a plant that grows up the side of the deck at my parent’s house. By the end of August it’s gotten so large we call that space “chia deck.” Now I have my very own “chia phone pole.”



– Stephanie 


[077] Weather


Weather seemed to be the topic of discussion today, although I’m not really sure why. It was rainy, windy, and slightly cool. I haven’t worn a jacket in almost 2 weeks, and I had to break it out today.  Besides the weather, and work, which there was a lot of today, I don’t have much else to say. I think some of my best posts occur on the weekend so look out for a doozie!


– Stephanie


[073] A Quintessential Monday


Mostly bad or annoying stuff happened today. I was excited for the gym until I remembered I twisted my ankle yesterday. The elliptical was a little painful, but I powered through, and I’m glad I did.

Today’s picture is technically from yesterday, but I totally could have taken it today.

– Stephanie

P.S. I think this might be my favorite picture so far!


[070] Finally Friday


I’m not sure this happens to everyone, but you know when you feel like crap, and also feel like you look like crap? But then you put on your favorite perfume and everything is better? That was me today.

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous so that will make me feel a little bit better about not getting to be with ALL of my family in Buffalo for Easter.


– Stephanie


P.S. I took this picture while I was lying down on a bench swing.


[063] Happy Hours


Today is Friday…thank goodness! This morning it snowed and I may have gone outside with just my winter coat and slippers on immediately after getting out of the shower. I got super excited to see the falling flakes. I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed the snow. I’ve been saying how much I like not having to deal with brushing my car off every morning.  By the time I got to work, it had turned into a mix of snow and rain but I didn’t hate seeing it this morning.

I went out with a friend after work for drinksies and food. Kind of the perfect way to end the week, and start the weekend!

– Stephanie