[363] Adult Childhood


I don’t remember the last time I took a bath. We have these expectations of what a bath is supposed to be like, thanks a lot, movies, and it hardly ever turns out that way. It usually doesn’t matter how many candles are lit, bath oils are purchased, which slow jams you play, or how many bubbles survive the duration of the bath.

Despite all that, I took a bath today. I stocked up on epsom salt, bubbles, oils, candles, and a pillow for the bath tub. I even cranked up the radiator in the bathroom and turned it into a sauna.

Seriously…best bath ever. The instant I got into the tub, my mood shifted from stressed and worried to relaxed and carefree. This bath thing may need to happen more often.


– Stephanie


[311] On a Scale from 1-10…


Work was easier than expected today. I found out that a deadline was pushed back by a couple of weeks so I don’t have to pull my hair out trying to finish the work before Thanksgiving. Amazing.

Also, this is a picture from yesterday. You better enjoy it, or else…


– Stephanie