[Field of Floral Dreams]


Peter and I drove up to La Conner for the Tulip Festival. I give him props for agreeing to do that, but I also think he likes taking long drives, plus we ate really good food. AND it’s not like I dragged him into any antique shops or anything…oh wait…

It was a gloriously sunny day across the western half of Washington. I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of the sun on your skin and face, even though your face is covered in skin, after a long, dreary winter. It’s like your whole body and soul is rejuvenated and reborn. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s a pretty good feeling regardless. We stopped at one of the many tulip fields and just walked around the rows and rows of yellow and red flowers basking in the sun.

If I haven’t told you already, then you should know, I’m a flower fiend. Between April and October you can almost always find fresh cut flowers or some other form of plant life in my apartment or office at work. They make everything better, and these fields of tulips in full bloom were no exception. I couldn’t go more than 30 seconds without smiling. Peter kept asking me what was up, and I just kept telling him I was happy. Happy to be there with him, happy to be surrounded by flowers, and happy the sun was out.

After that detour we headed into “downtown” La Conner, which is really just a “Main St.” There were a handful of shops, lots of food options, and a bountiful amount of sexy cars which kept Peter’s head turning every couple of feet. We walked up and down the streets for a while and then headed to a restaurant that Peter’s mom had suggested. If I can avoid veggie burgers at restaurants I usually do because 9 times out of 10 it’s a frozen patty that really isn’t that good. There was plenty for me to choose from, but something was telling me to get a veggie burger, so I did, with caramelized onions and Tillamook cheddar cheese. No joke, best veggie burger I have ever had in my entire life, including ones that I’ve made from scratch. It was crunchy on the outside and flavorful and soft on the inside, but it didn’t fall apart, which is the problem I had with the ones I’ve tried to make. Every bite made me close my eyes with pleasure. If I was turned on by food, this veggie burger wouldn’t have had to try very hard to get me to go home with it. I mean, seriously.

We left after my affair with the veggie burger and walked back to the car to head home. Besides the traffic we hit, it was a pretty flawless day. I’d be happy with a couple of days like that a year, but I’ve been lucky to have far more a couple so far this year. 2014 is shaping up to be pretty amazing.


– S


[352] Mellow Yellow


I slept in until 10 and then got breakfast with my muchacho. Post food coma, we watched some football and I even rooted for the Green Bay Packers…something that I can honestly say felt so wrong. Next weekend I can wholeheartedly root for the Seahawks. Woo hoo!

Also, I think Doug wants someone to paint him like the French girls.

– Stephanie


[324] Kick Ass Bitches


I watched the Seahawks games with some pretty cool chicks today, and it got me thinking about the other amazing women I’ve had as role models, and mainly, my mom.

Today is her birthday so I guess she was on my mind anyway. I was a little bummed since I didn’t get to spend the day with her, but the fact that I’ll be home in 12.5 days makes it much more tolerable. I’ve gushed about my mom and the rest of my family enough times for y’all to get how much I love them, but I wanted to pay my mama a little extra attention on her birthday:



I think you know how much I love you and how much I rely on you whenever I’m in need, but in case there’s any questions, this should clear it up. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better mother and friend. I know that I was bit of a bitch when I was in high school and I’m sorry for all that bullshit I put you through. Now that I look back on that time, I can’t remember anything we ever fought about; part of me is a little sad that that time may have been wasted, but the other part is glad that we were able to get over that phase and move on to a better relationship with each other. I appreciate everything that you do for me, especially all the ways that you make me feel loved from 3,000 miles away. You’re an amazingly strong, caring, smart, beautiful, thoughtful woman and having you in my life makes me a better person.

I love you.


– Stephanie


[310] Dresser…I Don’t Even Know Her!


Today was another busy, busy day. Unfortunately it started early, but fortunately it was early enough that I was able to start building the dresser that I got at Ikea yesterday. I got the entire frame done in a little over an hour and then hopped in the shower to get ready for another date…with the guy from yesterday. We decided to go to Discovery Park, and it couldn’t have been a nicer day to explore and take a walk through nature. Then we went to a bar with NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the Giants game, but because they were losing, and sucking beyond belief, we left after halftime.

When I got back to my apartment I finished the dresser, cleaned up, and left to go back to Kirkland. (I feel like I’m in this weird in between place. More than half of my things are at the new apartment, so I’d call it home, but I’ve been living at my aunt and uncle’s for almost a year, so I would also call that home. Then there’s actual home in Syracuse, which will always be home. I guess it’s better to have three homes than zero.) With Thanksgiving just a few days away I’m feeling pretty blessed.


– Stephanie


[296] Cakes, Laughs and Diabeetus


The day started out with some great football; the Giants and the Seahawks both won, AND I won my fantasy game. Post football I headed over to my friend Amber’s house to bake a carrot cake. It turned out really well and since there was extra frosting after covering the cake, we obviously ate it.


– Stephanie


[247] Balls.


I had planned on writing something that I thought was going to be pretty great, and now I can’t remember what it was. Shit.

Also, this picture is from yesterday. I’m failing at blogging right now.

UPDATE: I remembered what I wanted to say. Is it weird that I’m waiting to buy a massive amount of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (in stick form) from Amazon until October 1 because I’ll get extra credit card points?

– Stephanie


[233] Normailities


Football is back, and I could not be happier (except if the Giants weren’t embarrassing themselves right now.) Late summer/fall is one of my favorite times of the year, but it’s a little different this particular year. For instance, I started watching football at 10am this morning, which, even though it initially seemed a little weird, I actually love. I slept in a little bit, had a late breakfast, a cup of tea, and was done with the first round of football by 1pm. Even though the weather ended up being beautiful today, I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything outside so I continued to watch football and make a bunch of food for the week. Another thing that I’ll be missing out on this fall is my family’s traditional apple and pumpkin picking. We’ll usually make a half day of it, eat lots of apple fritters, drink even more apple cider, and trek through a patch of pumpkins in order to pick our own. And with those 50 or so pounds of apples comes apple pie, apple crisp, and apple sauce. Today I made apple crisp, but not with apples that I picked myself. I had to call my mom for her recipe for the apple crisp topping, and now I have it memorized, and stored away in an email in case I forget. Even though I can’t share the apple crisp I made with my family, I still feel like one of them is going to catch me eating huge chunks of the topping and shoo me away.


– Stephanie


[219] Marathons


I’m not a runner, so I apologize if you thought I’d be talking about moving my body 26.2 with just my legs. I will actually be talking about TV show/movie marathons.

Sunday is a really good day for TV marathons, especially when the weather is bad or you’re still recovering from the day and/or night before. (I feel like the crappier the weather is, the better the marathons on TV are. There has got to be some sort of correlation.) I happen to be a fan of Harry Potter and James Bond movie marathons. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen the movies, I still really enjoy them.

And I had ice cream for dinner, so there’s that too.


– Stephanie