[221] Down Up Down


You know when your mood just feels off, and all you want to do is reset and start fresh? I was able to reset, and it came in the form of an hour long phone chat with my mom. I get these waves of homesickness that seem to come out of nowhere. It’s not a traditional homesickness, because I feel like Seattle is my home now, but I miss the people that made Syracuse my home.

My mom always knows what to say to calm me down and remind me how important this chapter in my life is, plus she’s really good at sending me snail mail and packages. My dad knows exactly when to send me an email that makes me tear up with just a few words. I’m sure Jacob would know when I need a cuddle sesh if he wasn’t a dog. And my sister sends me Snapchats that make me snort while I’m laughing.  I’ve got some pretty kickass people in my life.


– Stephanie